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DRUNK CONFIDENCE is a party game for you and your over-confident friends! Draw a set of cards, then prove your confidence! Fun for four or more players, ages 17 and over.

Let’s face it—everything’s better with a little competition. Whether you want to break the ice, or uncover hidden talents from people you think you know, DRUNK CONFIDENCE is the perfect way to add some fun entertainment to your night.

From the random to the hilarious, or things you forgot all about, these challenges have something for everyone. Find out just how committed your friends will be to get your vote. And, of course, a little drunk confidence always helps. (Just saying. )

Fun for any number of players—the more the better!

Put your skills to the test in this fun, social, entertaining party game.


Get your
Drunk Confidence
game on!

You’ll have hours of fun play with 250 CARDS.

Buy two and give the perfect gift!

Frequently asked questions

Our Story

The idea of DRUNK CONFIDENCE came from us! We’re Daniel and Megan Johnson—two young parents to three kids under the age of five. Which means we are tired, busy—and a little delirious!

Dan loves karaoke, old school trivia, and the latest social media viral nonsense. Megan doesn't always do so well on the trivia, but with a couple of drinks, she can do a pretty good impersonation—or at least give it a solid try!

After enough times of Dan challenging people to different trivia or the latest internet meme, Megan decided to make it official and started writing them down.

One thing led to another, and we decided to share some of the most fun challenges with others out there looking to add a little competition and entertainment to their house parties, dinner parties, or date nights —and, with a little DRUNK CONFIDENCE, we even surprise ourselves!

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