You may be wondering…

Where’s my order?

Games ship within 1-2 days of receiving your order. For order status check with the retailer you purchased from, or if you purchased from us directly, email us at

Where’s the board?

Less is more. There’s no board, but you won’t be bored. Just deal and play!  Play at a table, on the floor, on the kitchen island, by the pool, on your truck bed, in a tent…additional accessories are up to you!  

Where can I find the answers?

There’s no right or wrong answers. It’s up to the group to decide if your answer is the winner. If you’re looking for clues—it’s called the world wide web. 

These games are a blast—when will you make more cards?

Tell your friends, keep playing the game and we’ll keep making cards! Or submit your own silly card.

Are the games offered in other languages?

Currently, the games are available only in English.

We considered creating versions in Pig Latin, Goose Latin, Aba Speak, and Ubbi Dubbi, but it’s difficult enough to try not to slur in English when you’re drunk.

The dog ate my rules––where can I find them?

Drunk Confidence rules

There are three ways to play DRUNK CONFIDENCE—pick the play way you like, or make up your own!

Easy way:

Pull a card and see if you can complete the challenge while the rest of the group judges whether or not you have successfully completed it or if you were just full of drunk confidence. If you fail the challenge, take a drink. If you succeed, anyone who thought you couldn’t, completes the challenge takes a drink. Then, it’s their turn!

Classic way:

Goal: Be the first one to get rid of all cards.

Setup: Each player is dealt 7 cards from the deck. Each player should discard 2 cards they do not want to attempt, and pass 1 card to the right for someone else to attempt.

Play: First player chooses a card from their stack and reads it aloud to the group.


Any of the other players can call a challenge (challenger) on the player’s card and require them to demonstrate the skill shown on the card. A majority vote by the remaining players determines if the skill is successfully completed.

  • If there's no challenge from the group, the card is set in a middle pile (not the discard pile) and the game continues to the player on the right.
  • If the group determines that the skill was successfully achieved, the challenger must then pick up all the cards from the middle pile (if there are no cards in the middle pile, the challenger must pick a new card from the deck).
  • If the group determines that the skill was not successfully achieved, the player must then pick up all the cards from the middle pile (if there are no cards in the middle pile, the player must pick a new card from the deck).

Winner: The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins.

Alternate Way:

Play to identify a LOSER: Once one player has no cards left, the player with the most cards at that time is the official loser.

The Drunk Party Game rules

THE DRUNK PARTY GAME is for anyone and everyone (21 or over, of course) who enjoys an alcoholic beverage or two ... or four ..., has a couple of friends, and loves a fun time.

This game will test your drinking skills, talent and intelligence while providing hours of hilarious fun!

It’s so easy to play. 2+ players required.


  1. Place deck of cards in the middle of the group.
  2. Each player takes a turn pulling a card.
  3. Players read their card out loud and follow the instructions.

Get ready to drink, hand out a drink, or attempt a challenge ... then drink! No matter what your card says, chances are one or more players will be drinking.

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I love this game—how can I spread the drunkenness?

We love you for playing. Please leave us a review on or, then drink up and cheers to you

Do you offer extended card packs?

We’re working on them, so please check back. Or subscribe (links to subscribe box) and as soon as more packs are available, you’ll be the first to know! 

I’m not happy with my purchase—can I return it?

Our hope is that our games create fun and great times. If you purchased your game on or, please contact them directly. Otherwise, email us at and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re happy.