So what’s our story?

Megan and Bobby are neighbors in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, who met years ago through their kids and spouses. Both of us, plus Bobby’s wife, Kelly, are Florida State University grads, and Megan’s husband, Dan, is a Florida Gator. (We try not to hold it against him! ;) Needless to say, we have all had our share of partying.

Now as “adults,” with six kids between us, life can get crazy busy––but that just means spending time with good friends, sharing lots of laughs and plenty of drinks is even more important. After enough nights of drinking, telling stories and some better-never-seen karaoke and trivia games, Megan and Bobby decided to put some of the fun down on paper. Bobby likes to push the comfort limits with honesty challenges, Megan loves when unexpected talents reveal themselves, Dan is the resident Internet meme expert, and Kelly has some seriously good pop culture facts.

We captured some of the best, most buzz-generating and discussion-provoking challenges. Before long, our notes turned into cards and cards turned into games, and, with a little DRUNK CONFIDENCE, we even surprised ourselves with games we could share with everyone.

We are so excited you’ve found us and share our passion for a good party. We hope you and your drunk and overconfident friends will enjoy the Drunk Confidence party games as much as we do!

Cheers!—and Let’s Party!

Megan and Bobby