The everything-is-more-fun-when-you're-drunk game.

DRUNK CONFIDENCE is for you and your over-confident drunk friends! Draw a set of cards, then prove your confidence. A fun party game for 4+ players––the more the better.

What’s fun without a little competition? Whether you want to break the ice, test your intelligence, or uncover hidden talents from people you think you know, DRUNK CONFIDENCE is the perfect way to add some fun entertainment to your night.

From the random to the hilarious, or things you forgot all about, these challenges have something for everyone. Find out just how committed your friends will be to get your vote. And, of course, a little drunk confidence always helps.

When you’re thirsty for a good time, put your skills to the test with this social, entertaining party game. But, drinking is not required (or so we’ve heard)!

The Drunk Party Game



When partying is your priority and getting drunk is the goal.

If you think a little peer pressure is healthy, like a challenge, or just enjoy having a reason to drink, then The Drunk Party Game is for you and your soon-to-be-drunk friends.

It’s so simple, even a drunk person can play. Choose your desired beverage––beer, wine, bourbon, shots of Fireball or whatever your stomach can handle. Take turns choosing a card from the deck, reading it out loud and following the directions.

This sometimes interactive (but always easy) game mixes challenges and truth-or-dare style questions with the art of drinking at each turn. If you can cheer, robot dance, know your beer brands, or ever drunk texted––you’re sure to win the game in a drunken stupor.

The Drunk Combo Pack

The Drunk Combo Pack



What the critics are saying

“It’s a game that’s best played when you’re already inebriated. The whole idea is to see who can do what and who can’t, so adding a few drinks to the mix will really highlight who can back up their claims. Of course, you don’t have to drink to play this game, but where’s the fun in that?”

“This game was a really good time. Finding out what weird talents your friends have or what simple questions they fail at is hilarious. We found the “easy mode” of Drunk Confidence to be the best way to simply enjoy this game. Less strategy and more drunken shenanigans.”

- TheChuggernauts.com

“In this game, you will have a mission or a question that you must fulfill. If you can’t complete the card, take another shot, my friend. There are 250 cards that include a mix of challenges to put you and your friends’ brains and talent to the test. Players will take turns at trying the challenges that range from easy peasy pop culture references, to interesting history trivia, to just random foolish acts. There are no right or wrong answers, as it is the other players who will decide if another player passed the challenge (someone impress me!). You can’t help what card is you draw—you just have to have a little drunk confidence and see if you can pass the challenge.”

- ThePopInsider.com